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Food and Beverage Menu

May 2024


*Consuming raw or under cooked meats, poultry, shellfish, seafood or eggs may increase your risk of food-borne illness

GF - While we offer gluten-free menu options, we are not gluten-free kitchen and we cannot ensure that cross contamination will never occur.



The Original Tomato Bisque    Cup 6.75 | Crock 8.00

Creamy tomato soup with chunks of tomatoes, onions, and mushrooms

topped with croutons, mozzarella, and provolone cheese then broiled

Manhattan Style Crab Chowder    Cup 6.75 |Crock 8.00

Lump crab, vegetables in at thick tomato stock GF


Davy’s Fireside Chili    Cup 6.75 | Crock 8.00

Chunks of beef, beans and seasonings all simmered in lager

topped with shredded cheddar and chopped onions


Soup Du Jour  Cup 6.75 | Crock 8.00

When Seafood  Cup 7.50 | Crock 9.00



Brie and Crab 18.95

Brie cheese with lump crab meat topped with Imperial sauce and baked.

Served with garlic toast points

GF with Nacho Chips

Smoked Salmon   15.25

Served with sliced tomatoes, red onions, chopped egg, dill mayo and sliced rye


Garlic Mussels      19.95

Garlic, butter, peppers, onions, grape tomatoes and basil.  Served with garlic bread - GF without bread


Spinach, and Artichoke Dip 14.95

Chopped spinach, artichokes, and a creamy cheese mixture

Served with tortilla chips GF


Nachos     14.95

Tri-colored tortilla chips with seasoned ground beef along with cheddar cheese, jalapenos, black olives, tomatoes, sour cream, and guacamole GF


Wings      ½ Dozen MP | Dozen MP

Mild, hot sauce, garlic parmesan, BBQ, Old Bay, teriyaki and Cajun served with your choice of ranch & celery or bleu cheese & celery


Chicken Fingers   9.25

Served with your choice of marinara, BBQ or honey mustard


Tavern Fries   10.95

Crispy fries topped with scallions, bacon, cheddar cheese,

Served with a side of ranch dressing


Crispy Fries    6.25


Onion Rings      7.95

Served with Texas petal sauce on the side 



Garden Salad 5.25

Crisp greens topped with carrots, red cabbage, tomato, cucumber, radishes, and croutons GF without croutons


House Caesar Salad 6.50

Crisp romaine, parmesan cheese and croutons tossed with Caesar dressing GF without croutons


Caesar Salad 11.95

Crisp romaine, parmesan cheese and croutons tossed with Caesar dressing GF without croutons


Southwest Steak Salad 17.95

Mixed greens, grape tomatoes, cucumber, cheddar cheese, and roasted corn with a chipotle ranch dressing topped with marinated grilled flank steak* 


                                         Smoked Salmon BLT 17.95                                        

Mixed greens with our house smoked salmon, diced tomatoes, bacon, chopped egg, diced red onion, and served with a lemon dill ranch


Tavern Wedge 13.95

Wedge of iceberg lettuce topped with blue cheese dressing, chopped bacon, and cherry tomatoes

Beef Taco Salad 16.95

Seasoned ground beef with cheddar cheese, guacamole, sour cream, black olives, tomatoes, tortilla strips and a side of salsa - GF without tortilla strips

Strawberry Romaine 16.50

Strawberries, almonds, and crumbled bleu cheese with strawberry poppy-seed dressing GF


Proteins Available for Salads or Entrees:

 Grilled Chicken 8.00 … Cold Smoked Salmon 8.50… Grilled Salmon 11.00… Lump Crab Cake 14.50… Grilled Shrimp 9.00… Grilled Steak* 11.50

Dressings: Balsamic Vinaigrette, Bleu Cheese, Honey Mustard, Italian, Poppy Seed, Ranch, Raspberry Vinaigrette, Thousand Island, and Caesar –All GF                French – Not GF



All sandwiches served with coleslaw, chips, and a pickle

Add fries for 2.95 or onion rings with Texas petal sauce 4.25

Substitute Gluten Free Bread or Roll – 2.80


Basic Burger 12.95

Served with lettuce, tomato, and onion*   Add cheese 1.00


Fireside Burger 15.95

Cheddar cheese, bacon, and Fireside sauce*


Black Bean Burger 14.95

Jalapenos, lettuce, tomato, and cheddar cheese

Served with a side of guacamole

Blackened Prime Rib Sandwich 18.95

8oz. slice of grilled prime rib with blackened seasonings and served with horseradish mayo

Chicken Pretzel Club 15.95

Grilled chicken breast topped with bacon, Swiss cheese, whole grain mustard spread, lettuce, and tomato, served on a toasted pretzel bun


Crab Cake Sandwich   18.95

Lump crab broiled and served with lettuce and tomato with your choice of tartar or cocktail sauce -

GF with a gluten free bun 2.80


The Beyond Burger 15.95  

A plant-based burger that looks & satisfies like beef without the GMO’s, soy or gluten. Served on a vegan sweet potato bun and melted vegan cheddar cheese (VEGAN- without the chips and slaw)


Battered Cod Sandwich 14.95

Battered cod with lettuce & tomato on a hoagie roll

Pulled Pork BBQ  15.95

Served on a toasted brioche bun 





Entrees are served with a side garden salad, roll and butter

Side Caesar salad is available for 2.00


Fireside Crab Cakes    Single 21.95 | Twin 32.95

Made with lump crab & broiled and served with the starch & vegetable of the day GF

Fried Oysters 28.95

Lightly breaded with panko breadcrumbs

Served with a side of coleslaw and crispy fries

Ribeye Steak* 36.95

12oz. hand cut, pepper crusted, chargrilled, and served with Texas BBQ mushrooms. Served with the starch and vegetable of the day GF

Tenderloin Tips*  25.95

Beef tips sauteed to medium well with blistered tomatoes, red onion, sweet peas, and tossed in a creamy mushroom sauce with linguini pasta

GF when made with GF pasta 


Scallops 34.95

5 large scallops seared then served over Asian style slaw and finished with a Korean chili aioli and fried wontons


House Made Meatloaf 19.95

Sweet tomato glaze meatloaf

A three way blend of ground beef, veal, & pork, jalapeno, onion, and pepperjack baked to reveal a flavorful loaf

Topped with a house made tomato jam 

Served with the starch and vegetable of the day 

Apricot Salmon 24.95

Filet of salmon with Cajun seasoning and glazed with an apricot reduction. A balanced combination of sweet and spicy. Served with rice pilaf and the vegetable of the day GF


Stuffed Shrimp 28.95

Five jumbo Shrimp topped with house made crab mix topped with imperial sauce and baked golden brown. Served with the starch and vegetable of the day. GF


Chicken Parmesan 24.95

Breaded chicken breast topped with marinara sauce and melted mozzarella cheese

Baked and served over linguini with garlic bread


Pub Style Fish & Chips  Half 12.95 | Full 21.95

Battered Cod fried golden brown served with crispy fries & coleslaw


Vegetable Lo Mein 16.95

Broccoli, red peppers, carrots, red onions, wild mushrooms, sweet peas, garlic, roasted cashews, and lo mein noodles tossed in a house made stir fry sauce

Pork Ribs   Half 17.95 | Full 29.95

Served with cowboy baked beans and fries


Proteins Available for Salads or Entrees:

 Grilled Chicken 8.00 … Cold Smoked Salmon 8.50… Grilled Salmon 11.00… Lump Crab Cake 14.50… Grilled Shrimp 9.00… Grilled Steak* 11.50


Kid’s Menu

Chicken Fingers and Fries $7.95     Includes apple sauce

Round Dog 7.95     Round hot dog served on a Marin's Potato Roll - Includes apple sauce

Pasta- served with sauce or butter 7.95     Includes apple sauce

Macaroni and Cheese 7.95     Includes apple sauce

Grilled Cheese and Fries 7.95    Includes apple sauce

Crab Cake 16.95     Served with mashed potatoes and vegetable of the day GF

Grilled Chicken 11.95     Served with mashed potatoes and vegetable of the day GF



Dessert Menu

Peanut Butter Pie

Rich and creamy pie topped with Reese’s peanut butter cup crumbles 7.25


Blonde Brownie

Brownie cup with vanilla ice cream and drizzled caramel 6.00


Key Lime Pie

Individually baked topped with whipped cream 7.00


Annie’s Homemade Cheesecake

Ask about today’s flavor and toppings 7.50


Triple Chocolate Delight Cheesecake 8.00


Flourless Chocolate Torte GF 6.75


Peanut Butter Mousse GF

Gluten free peanut butter mousse 7.25


Apple Crisp

Served warm with whipped cream 6.00


Zoe’s Crush

A warm Toffee, Chocolate, Sesame, Miso and Ginger Cookie served with a scoop of vanilla ice cream GF 7.50


Nat’s Vegan Cake

Passion fruit and raspberry bound together with agave syrup, coconut milk, almond, cashew blend drizzled with raspberry glaze (Allergens: Almond, Cashew) 10.00


Ice Cream

Vanilla and Chocolate 4.25 or A la Mode 2.75


Non-alcoholic Beverages

2.25 each


Diet Coke



Root Beer


Unsweetened Iced Tea

Raspberry Iced Tea


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